According to an article from UNIACC University in Chile, to achieve professional success it is essential not only to manage the knowledge necessary to carry out a task, but also to develop competencies in accordance with the job to be performed and interpersonal skills.


Work competencies consist of knowing how to carry out an activity successfully, using the resources available in an efficient manner, covering knowledge, attitudes and skills such as teamwork, problem solving, leadership, proactivity, etc.


Here are some tips to develop your work skills:


  1. Identify the skills required in your job, analysing the activities to be carried out.
  2. Relate the competences to the skills of colleagues who have similar positions, in order to identify if you overlooked any capacity.
  3. Recognise the competences promoted by the company.
  4. Classify the skills in technical competences, interpersonal competences and business competences to be able to deal with them strategically and effectively.
  5. Prioritise the competences with the most weaknesses that affect the general process of the company.
  6. Improve knowledge with the help of some type of training, such as a postgraduate course.
  7. Search for bibliography of all types that may be of help.
  8. Asking for help from colleagues or acquaintances is quite useful and can serve to demonstrate your interest in learning, as well as improve interpersonal relationships.


This way,, you will perform better in your job, be prepared for new challenges and professional growth and be valued more.


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