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Celebration of the final event of the Erasmus Plus Educere Project

The final event of the Erasmus Plus Educere Project, led by Adis Meridianos, was held on 27 October.

The main objective of this event was to present the work carried out in this project and to present the final result of the project, the “Accreditation Model of Competences for Juvenile Justice Professionals”.

The first part of the event included a brief introduction of the project and a presentation about the origin of competences, competences in Europe and the National System of Qualifications. They also explained the methodology for the elaboration of the competency model for juvenile justice professionals that has been followed during the project, from the initiative of the project, through the formation of working groups, the design to the elaboration of the competency model itself.

In the second part of the event, a panel discussion debate took place with the participation of experts such as Mr. Diego López del Hierro, Director of the Madrid Regional Agency for the Re-education and Reintegration of Juvenile Offenders, and Mr. Francisco M. García Ingelmo, Public Prosecutor for Minors. This round table debate addressed issues related to the challenges and opportunities generated for juvenile justice systems, whether young people are sufficiently trained or prepared to work in juvenile justice, the new generations and the adaptation of intervention models, as well as technology as a support and the importance of spaces as key elements in the intervention processes.

In this project, funded by the Erasmus Plus programme, partners include the University of Malaga, the Directorate General of Social Services, Children and Families of the Ministry of Health and Social Policies of the Regional Government of Extremadura, the European Training Centre for Employment (ECTE) in Greece and the Association La Sauvegarde 01 (ADSEA) in France.